Police investigate armed robbery at DeMeo’s Wine and Liquor in Troy

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A liquor store in Troy is on the fence of whether they should permanently close their doors after they were robbed at gunpoint Saturday night.

Troy police are looking for the suspect in the robbery of Demeo’s Discount Wine & Liquors Store. The incident occurred around 9 p.m. Saturday when the store was about to close.

The owners said he did not have a mask on when he first walked in, and now they are also taking matters into their own hands to hunt the man down.

A man walked in to the store Saturday night, asked for a bottle of Hennessy, and as soon as it was handed over, he held the owner at gunpoint. The owner, Bob Demeo, was told by the suspect he would “blow his brains out” if he didn’t follow directions.

troy robbery 3Demeo’s partner and store general manager, Anthony DeRusso, handed over a couple of thousands of collars, the toy drive bucket, a bottle of Hennessey, and several empty checkbooks.

No one was hurt, and the men resumed business on Monday.

“It was very difficult because you never want to see anybody in that situation with a gun to their temple,” DeRusso said.

Determined to find the suspect, a television monitor has been set up in the store playing the surveillance footage with the hope their customers will keep an eye out for the suspect.

“He looked somewhat familiar, like he’s been in here a few times,” DeRusso said. “And like I said, he was a little bit too familiar with both of our vehicles and things of that nature. Where the cash register was and things like that.”

troy robbery 2

Saturday night was the first time the store has been robbed in its 35 years of business. Even though they weren’t hurt, Demeo and DeRusso said they’re nervous about their personal safety. They’re contemplating whether or not to close their business.

“This is the first time,” DeRusso said. “We’ve been open for almost 35 years, and this is the very first time that we’ve had any type of incident.”

The owners believe the Campbell Avenue road closure could have been a factor in why it happened. 

“We do believe the road closure did have something that played a little bit into it,” general manager Anthony DeRusso said. “It is very dark, and there’s not a lot of traffic now that Campbell Avenue is partially closed. Plus, I have a large sewage pump sitting in my parking lot that blocks the entire half of my building if you’re coming down Donegal or up Campbell Avenue.”

The suspect was last seen heading south on Donegal Avenue. He’s described as a black male about six feet tall, weighing about 190 pounds, and wearing dark clothing and a winter cap.

The liquor store is offering $1,000 to anyone who has any information related to the robbery.


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