Special Report: A guide to Digital Detox

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – As our super mom week continues we’re turning our focus to the need for a digital detox for parents and our kids.

The ease of access with smartphones, tablets, computers, and TV makes it all too tempting to get trapped in the void. According to common sense media, on any given day teens in the United States spend about nine hours using media — just for their enjoyment.

That’s more time than sleeping, and it doesn’t include media used for homework.

We’re all guilty of it! iphone-error

A new report from ‘Informate Mobile Intelligence’ says people in the U.S. check social media accounts 17 times a day – that’s at least once every hour your awake. It says adults are the biggest offenders, checking more than teens.

While a getaway may not be up everyone’s alley, these five steps can help:

  1. Decide how long you want to detox, start with 24 hours and go from there.
  2. Plan it out. Pick a time frame that’s realistic for you.
  3. Make fun plans. Fill your time with hobbies and passions to keep you busy.
  4. Log off! Turn off the devices and put them away, out of sight out of mind.
  5. Enjoy it! The benefits are real. Ditching digital distractions will help you sleep better, be more productive, and increase your attention span.

You’ll also strengthen relationships by focusing on the person you are with and not your phone. And you’ll be happier! Too much time on Facebook can have you focusing on what you don’t like about your own life.

A woman checks her cell phone at a coffee shop in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Thursday, Dec. 17, 2015. Communicating became more complicated for some 100 million Brazilians on Thursday when a state judge order the popular messaging service WhatsApp blocked for 48 hours. The reason for the order was murky because it arose from criminal proceedings in Sao Paulo state that are kept under judicial secret. (AP Photo/Andre Penner)

Remember the key to an effective digital detox starts small with even with just a few focused hours unplugged.

On Wednesday NEWS10 ABC’s Super Moms will be looking at a growing trend on how to grab groceries… without even leaving the house! Stay tuned.

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