Cuomo takes RV tour to promote increased minimum wage

PHOTO: Twitter

NEW YORK (NEWS10) – The Fight for 15 revved its engines on Tuesday as the governor set off on a bus tour to push for a higher minimum wage.

It was called the Drive for 15. Governor Andrew Cuomo and a busload of supporters went from Manhattan to the Bronx to Long Island to push for raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

He was surrounded by more than 200 labor leaders and officials. Cuomo said raising the wage is only fair.

“If you’re a financial mastermind, the top end of the economy, you’re doing very well,” he said. “But if you’re middle class, if you’re a working family, you are getting left behind faster than you have ever been gotten left behind.”

The governor argued that increasing the rate will benefit 2.3 million workers and pump $15 billion into the economy.

Those on the other side of the issue said prices will go up and some companies will have to cut jobs to pay for the increase.

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