Petersburgh residents want answers concerning PFOA levels in their water

PETERSBURGH, N.Y. (NEWS10) – People who live and work in the town of Petersburgh want answers quickly when it comes to the tests of the PFOA levels in the water.

Officials have to be prepared for two scenarios, PFOA levels comeback above or below the EPA threshold of 100 parts per trillion.

Donna Warner lives in Petersburgh, and like most, is worried about the PFOA levels found in the water there.

“My initial concern was my child and I live here so initially I was worried about our health”, said Warner.

Second, was her business, Papa’s Pizzeria. This is the only restaurant in the area and her only source of income.

“I spoke with the town supervisor and someone from the health dept. and asked them what do I do?”, said Warner.

They told her she can stay open but needs to change a few things.

“I can’t use the tap water for any food prep any of our washing of the produce, any of that stuff”, said Warner.

So for now, the town has given Warner and everyone else who uses town water, gallons of water every day.

The town is also doing prepping of their own while they wait for more test results to come in.

“Let’s say the other test comes back in the 80s or something, then I’d be pretty confident that the state would say ‘hey its fine.” If it’s up in the 90s again they may want to come up with some other plan”, said Petersburgh Town Supervisor Peter Schaaphok.

Officials said Taconic Plastics is the source of contamination but the testing will allow everyone to see how far up or down stream it has gone.

“The only thing that I can guess with Taconic is that the water in their wells is probably naturally not very nice water because we have various wells in the area where the water is lousy. They have known since 2003 at least. That’s when they stopped using PFOA and that there may be something in their water. They’ll have to answer that. I can’t speak for them”, said Schaaphok.

NEWS10 ABC has reached out to Taconic for a response and so far have not heard back. The first of many meetings is scheduled for Monday morning and more tests results are also expected this week.

For information on how you can get water or have your questions/concerns answered, look at the contact list below:

State Hotline Set to Answer Residents’ Questions – 800-801-8092

Call Diedra at Town Hall at: (518)658-3777 x 10 and leave a message


Or message the town on Facebook

You can also call Town Supervisor, Peter Schaaphok (518) 658-3777


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