Petersburgh officials telling residents to not drink water, gallons of water being handed out

PETERSBURGH, N.Y. (NEWS10) – More than half of the 400 gallons of water the town of Petersburgh had on hand has been given away to residents who live there so they can have clean drinking water while everyone is waiting for results to come back from the PFOA tests.

State officials tested the well for the water district in Petersburgh a few weeks ago. The results showed the PFOA level in the finished water sample of the town well is 95.9 parts per trillion.

This number is just below the EPA’s threshold of 100 parts per trillion. To be cautious, state, county, and local officials are telling locals to be cautious and to not drink the water for the time being.

They will be providing two gallons of water per person per household per day until they get more answers.

“It went very well. People came in and got the water that they wanted. We still have quite a bit left, which will be good because we’ll be distributing the water again tomorrow. Tomorrow we’ll also have an additional supply coming in from Taconic Plastics and we’ll keep distributing for as long as we need to. I don’t know what that’ll mean or how that’ll end up. We’re awaiting further testing results and again were not exactly sure when that’s going to come in”, said Petersburgh Town Supervisor Peter Schaaphok.

More state tests are expected to come, which could be this week.

Everyone is anticipating the results, including the only restaurant in the Petersburgh area.

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