Huge turnout at Firehouse Subs for Noah Roman fundraiser

LATHAM ,NY (NEWS10) – Firehouse Subs had a busier than normal Saturday, many people came out to take time to order a sub and show support for Noah Roman.

Before the sun even came up, Joe Deeb started to tidy up the restaurant before doors opened. He put up balloons both inside and outside. It was of way of hoping for a big turnout and that’s exactly what he saw.

“It’s been an unbelievable turnout so far and we’re not even halfway through the day”, said Firehouse Subs Owner Joe Deeb.

By 10:30 Saturday morning, tables were full and a long line started to form. Many people said it was a good way to fill their appetite while also showing support for Noah Roman.

“I really think it’s a marvelous thing to do and it’s nice that all the people are coming in and contributing to this”, said attendee Joan Newton.

20 percent of all their sales Saturday will be donated to Noah and his family.

“Then again, it’s not about us. We just want to help them out as much as we can so a lot of people were coming up to us thanking us. It’s been a great day”, said Deeb.

Workers at the restaurant tried to keep up with the non-stop customers and they more customers they will get, the more money that will be donated.

“There’s a lot of crime going on and a lot of violence and a lot of abuse and you know, Karen was pretty emotional about it and this is the least we can do”, said attendee John Catalfamo.

“I think the community ought to all come down here because if you have and you don’t share, that’s ugly”, said attendee Richard Newton.

So if you want to go somewhere to grab a bite to eat Saturday night, just know the sub you buy at Firehouse Subs is just a little more to help this young teen.


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