The Mr. Mo Project seeks help funding vet bills for senior dogs

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local non-profit that rescues senior dogs is facing money troubles.

The Mr. Mo Project helped rescue Blanche, a dog found roaming the streets of Mayfield. The non-profit brought her to a Clifton Park veterinarian where she will stay until she is rehabbed and can find her forever home.

The non-profit only works with senior-aged dogs like Blanche, who is 15. The problem is that The Mr. Mo Project is experiencing some financial difficulties. As a result, Blanche could be their last rescue.

Mariesa and Chris Hughes rescued their dog Moses, or Mo, when he was 12. After he died from an inoperable spinal cord tumor, the couple started the non-profit in his honor to help older, rescued dogs have a second chance at life.

“We feel very guilty and responsible,” Mariesa said.

“The moment I see a dog’s picture, I can’t let that dog die,” Chris said.

The Mr. Mo Project steps in to cover all of the dog’s medical bills. Families that choose to adopt a senior dog won’t ever have to pay for a vet visit.

“She was found on the streets of New York City,” Jennifer Waters said of her dog Diamond.

Diamond was 10-years old at the time. She was caught and held at a kill shelter until The Mr. Mo Project came and saved her.

“Every minute of every day, they are working to save dogs,” Waters said. “To help the dogs that are currently in there, and they are just wonderful people.”

Frank was a dog found in North Carolina and was on an euthanasia list just because he was old. He was rescued by The Mr. Mo Project and adopted by a vet and his family.

“If it weren’t for Chris and Mariesa, he wouldn’t have come up here, and he wouldn’t still be around and having a wonderful, normal, happy, healthy, life,” Dr. Andrew Hagner with the Clifton Park Animal Health Center said.

Mr. Mo currently pays the vet bills of 75 dogs in 18 states. In 2015 alone, they spent over $164,000 on the bills. They said no amount is too much.

“The overall goal is to keep dogs in homes,” Chris said. “If we can’t do that, the dogs would either die or go to a shelter.”

To learn more about The Mr. Mo Project or to donate, click here.

To send donations through PayPal use the following e-mail address:

Mail checks to:

641 Grooms Rd.


Clifton Park, N.Y. 12065

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