Petersburgh Town Supervisor issues letter to residents highlighting PFOA concerns

PETERSBURGH, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The town of Petersburgh has begun testing its water after nearby Hoosick Falls tested positive for the dangerous chemical PFOA.

Petersburgh Town Supervisor Peter Schaaphok said testing is already underway. After learning of the water contamination in the village of Hoosick Falls, he made a call to Taconic Plastics.

PFOA is a dangerous chemical linked to serious health concerns such as cancer. The chemical was found in the water in the village of Hoosick Falls.

Taconic Plastics makes Teflon-coated products at its Petersburgh site.

The Department of Environmental Conservation said Taconic’s legal representatives informed them the plant had previously been the site of PFOA contamination, but the company refused to comment on what the PFOA levels were.

That’s why he’s issued a letter to residents, advising that water test results will be in by next week or so. He says Taconic has not used this chemical since 2003.

Read the full letter, here.

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