Hoosick Falls receives help for second day from new ‘mobile command center’

HOOSICK FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The water contamination in Hoosick Falls poses a serious health threat, but what about the financial status of people’s homes?

The help is available again Wednesday for property owners who want answers.

While the health issue is still on the minds of many, now the financial aspect is starting to unravel. With so many people affected there are a lot of questions. So, property owners are hoping they can get some real answers from the experts working out of that command center.

The governor sent the state’s department of financial services here as a resource because the problem is now much larger than just being unable to drink the water. Property values in Hoosick Falls could plummet.

NEWS10 ABC was told that a number of local banks have put mortgages and refinancing requests on hold. That is because generally lenders have a condition where the home has to meet certain standards of livability which includes access to quality water and because the water here is now contaminated — some homeowners here no longer qualify.

The Mobile Command Center is located at 80 Church St. in Hoosick Falls.

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