Fulton Co. officials seeking those responsible for abused, abandoned dog

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. (NEWS10) – An abused and abandoned dog was rescued in Fulton County, and she is now receiving the care she so desperately needs.

A local veterinarian said a dog named Blanche is in bad shape. She was brought to the Clifton Park Animal Health Center around 2 p.m. Wednesday. The veterinarian said the plan is to get her rehabbed and rehomed within a few weeks.

“This doesn’t happen overnight,” Chris Hughes with The Mr. Mo Project said. “This isn’t something that you just wake up in the morning and your dog has no hair.”

Blanche gloversville dog two 021716

Hughes said Blanche was found wandering around a trailer park in Mayfield when she was picked up by animal control. She was taken to a shelter in Mayfield who called Hughes’s non-profit, The Mr. Mo Project.

The Mr. Mo Project works with senior dogs and finds them forever homes. It picked up Blanche from the animal shelter.

“Her skin is really bad; it could be a flea allergy,” Dr. Richard Germano, of the Clifton Park Animal Health Center, said. “We can see half of her body – almost three-quarters of her body – just no hair. There are lots of masses on the dog, little fibropapilloma. Just warts and stuff that they have.”

Blanche gloversville dog three 021716

Dr. Germano said blood and skin tests will determine what is happening with Blanche’s health. He said her skin is so irritated from scratching that it’s sensitive to the touch.

No one knows who Blanche’s owner is.

“If it’s a neglect case, we don’t know that at this point,” Dr. Germano said. “I don’t really care right now. I just want to get the dog better. We have to find out the back story and what options people have.”

Both Hughes and Dr. Germano agree that a dog should never endure what Blanche is going through. They said anyone who is unsure of how to care for their pet should ask for help.

They said pet owners should contact a veterinarian or a shelter and find a way to responsibly rehome their pet.

Blanche gloversville dog four 021716

“You’re not stuck in this situation, but don’t let it get this bad,” Hughes said. “This is just awful, and it’s bad to see, but it’s awful to her.”

Blanche will be kept at the Clifton Park Animal Health Center until she is fully rehabbed and finds a forever home.

NEWS10 ABC spoke with Gloversville Mayor Dayton King. He said those responsible should be brought to justice.

King said the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office and the Gloversville Police Department are investigating.

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