Flint Water Crisis: Health Department under review

FLINT, Mich. (NEWS10) — Frustration is reaching new levels in Flint, Michigan as the struggle to fix the city water problem continues.

A new national study just released found that even though Flint residents were being poisoned by their own water supply, they were still paying some of the highest water rates in the nation.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people living through this nightmare lined up for meetings with the country’s top doctor.

U.S. surgeon general Dr. Vivek Murthy has been in Flint this week as part of his investigation of the lead contamination in Flint’s water supply.

The lead levels are still well above legal federal levels and the problem has been devastating for so many living in flint.

“I’ve lost two unborn babies.  I was pregnant with twins and I lost them back in July of 2015 due to the lead,” said a resident.

Murthy said, “we’ve got to do a lot more to get flint back to a place where the water is safe for everyone to drink from the faucets.”

Governor Rick Snyder says Michigan’s health department is under review for failing to alert the public, but he is also placing a lot of blame on the federal government.


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