Local organization working to enrich communities for Black History Month

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – February is Black History Month, and we’re taking a look at some of the organizations working to enrich communities. ‘AVillage” is a grass root organization helping to enrich and educate the south end of Albany.

The renovation of a children’s garden is one example of a villages projects. From the transformed painted fence to a raspberry patch, the community is taught farm to table.

“We take vacant lots and kind of beautify them plant flowers and vegetables,” said Willie White.

White says the vacant lot project, prentice programs, health advocacy groups- all grew from inability to work as a restaurant manager after back surgery.

“I went to my computer made up a flyer and said lets have a community discussion passed it out throughout the community,” White said.

Halfway through handing out the 1,000 flyers he printed, he met Clara Phillips, who said she wanted to be a member, giving him the idea of membership. As well as Mississippi Day.

“I said Willie, let’s have a Mississippi Day, ‘cause there are so many people here from Mississippi,” said Phillips.

She’s the head cook for the event, making soul food.

“BBQ ribs, mac & cheese collard greens black eyed peas…” said Phillips.

White says one of their biggest accomplishments, is getting enough people to sign a petition to get the number 100 bus running.

“It’s a belt line so it circles the communities and brings everybody together,” said

AVillage holds weekly meetings, to keep the momentum going. Up next is an event to acknowledge all the progress made each year.

The celebration of progress is coming up March 10.

For more information, click here.

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