Woman arrested, charged with DWI after allegedly causing an accident near Seward Place and Nott St.

SCHENECTADY, NY (NEWS10) – Schenectady Police have arrested 49-year-old Darlene Canteen for her involvement in an auto accident that happened at around 8:12 Saturday morning at the intersection of Seward Place and Nott St.

The beginning investigation showed that Canteen was driving a bronze 2006 Chevy Suburban and was initially involved in a motor vehicle crash at the intersection of Nott Terrace and Eastern Ave. She then fled the accident, proceeding north on Nott Terrace, west on Union St, then north on Seward Place.

Canteen failed to stop at a red light, then crossed into the intersection and struck a work van that was going westbound on Nott St. The van rolled on its side as a result of the collision.

Canteen was knocked unconscious during the accident and was taken to Ellis Hospital. Her injuries were minor and she has been released from the hospital..

One of the occupants of the van was also found unconscious and he was treated on scene and transported to Albany Med with more serious injuries. At least one other male occupant of the van fled the scene and has not been located.

There were no injuries reported in the initial accident at Nott Terrace and Eastern Ave.

Canteen has been charged with one count of DWI,two counts of Reckless Driving, two counts Disobeying a Red Light, one count of Impudent Speed, and one count of Leaving the Scene of a Property Damage Auto Accident.

Canteen is currently being held in the city lockup and will be arraigned either tonight or tomorrow morning.

There are no further details.



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