AAA tips to prevent vehicle breakdowns during frigid temps this week

ROANOKE (WSLS 10)  – Record breaking cold temperatures are approaching the region this weekend and AAA is asking motorists to prepare now to prevent being left stranded in the cold.

The experts at AAA Mid-Atlantic offer tips for drivers in the Commonwealth to lessen the likelihood of a breakdown:

  • Start your car on a daily basis and let it warm up, even if you do not plan on driving for the day. This may help prevent your battery from losing its power during a cold snap! Make sure your garage door is open for proper ventilation!
  • Be sure to check your tire pressure – as tires can lose up to 5 lbs. in the frigid weather.
  • Make sure you check your antifreeze prior to hitting the road, as it may freeze during a cold weather snap and cause your car to overheat
  • Park your vehicle in the garage, if possible, to avoid vehicle fluids from freezing and to keep your battery nice and warm! Below 32° – your battery loses one-third of its power!
  • Do not dilute your windshield fluid with water – it can cause the fluid to freeze and crack its plastic housing.

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