Working off the Weekend with Heather Kovar

LATHAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – You might have  eaten a little more than you usually do during the game last night, and the right diet is what we are hearing really makes your workout.

Heather Kovar asked the owner at Fitness Together in Latham how to get a six-pack!

“A big part of getting abs happens in the kitchen. A lot of times people go to the gym and you’re doing sit-ups, crunches, and machines in the gym, thinking they are actually going to burn the fat, but you’re not burning enough calories with doing those exercises for it to be effective,” said Jenny May Clermont.

Jenny says you need to get it right in the kitchen and cut the sugar out.

“Eat whole foods. Lots of vegetables and protein. Then you want to focus on exercises that work more than one body part, burning as many calories as possible. One example: we are going to do a lunge with a rotation. The rotation is what actually is going to work your core. Lunge, will engage your legs which you are going to burn more calories than anything else,” said Jenny.

We are going to take a step forward hold the ball out in front, turn to the side, come back to center, come back. Then switch legs, turn the separate way. You have to work on balance as well.

That balance comes from your core and exercises like this are going to engage your core, your abs more than crunches.

Keep doing a few more lunges and get your diet right and you too could probably have those nice abs.

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