Death Wish Coffee commercial makes its debut during the big game

ROUND LAKE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – If you watched the Super Bowl, you might have recognized a commercial that everyone has been talking about lately: Death Wish Coffee.

Phones have been ringing off the hook at Death Wish Coffee Company ever since they won a Super Bowl commercial. After Sunday night’s game, “Sports Illustrated” named the commercial one of the top ten ads.

Death Wish Coffee is known as the world’s strongest coffee, and now they’re getting order requests from around the world.

What started as a small coffee business in 2013 has grown larger than life.

“”It was, you know, two or three of us working out of a basement,” Eric Donovan with Death Wish Coffee Company said.

And now they’re known worldwide.

“We have people asking us about distribution in Japan, Australia, the UK, Canada,” Donovan said.

The company’s popularity was already starting to spike since word got out about their participation in the Small Business Big Game contest.

“There’s really no way to describe it because I never in my entire life thought I would see our company or anything I had anything to do with air during the Super Bowl,” Donovan said.

So when they won and the commercial aired Sunday night, everything broke loose.

“We’ve seen a huge spike in customers coming to our site and coming to our warehouse to check out what we do,” Death Wish Coffee graphic designer Thomas Dragonette said.

Death Wish is currently working with distribution companies to decide which is best for the business and its customers. They’re also focused on the next big thing.

“I think our next big push is to be really hitting grocery store shelves, being on retail space, and being a little more accessible to all of our customers,” Donovan said.

There’s even been a brief mention of a new product that’s in the works – Death Wish Coffee vodka.

Death Wish said their next goal is to expand their business worldwide even more than it already has.

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