Despite lack of ice, the show went on at Lake George’s Winter Carnival

LAKE GEORGE, NY (NEWS10) – Skis were replaced with wheels for this year’s outhouse race, which is the popular kickoff event for the Winter Carnival. Despite the lack of ice the show had to go on but with some modifications.

“We’re putting wheels on the bottom of their outhouses and we’re actually doing more of an obstacle course rather than a relay race or rather than a race”, said event co-chair Linda Duffy.

That has seemed to be the theme this year. The lack of a frozen lake didn’t cancel any events, it just changed them.

“We have made more events off ice in the past couple years so we still have a lot going on that doesn’t consist of the ice”, said Duffy.

Events such as a chili cook-off, presenting of the color guard, food, and even a parade were means of entertainment for people to enjoy.

For many of those who traveled to Lake George hoping to drive their cars or even walk on the lake they were out of luck.

“Are you surprised there is no ice”?

“Yeah really you know we came from Long Island and we had a lot of snow this week and we came here and there is nothing”, said Loreto Rojas.


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