Chowderfest 2016 has arrived in Saratoga Springs

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Kevin Myers has worked at Gaffney’s as the head chef for several years now. This is certainly not the first chowder he’s whipped up.

“It’s a southwest shrimp corn chowder with tequila bacon and a crab popper wonton”, said Myers.

Gaffney’s has won four Chowderfest awards in the past and I asked Kevin what his secret was.

“Just flavors, you got to make sure it’s nice and thick”, said Myers.

What first started out as a small community event has turned into an even that’s even bigger than New Year’s Eve.

“So it’s grown from doing 50 cups to over 5-thousand cups and I think that’s about 140 gallons believe it or not of chowder”, said Gaffney’s Restaurant owner John Baker.

There were a lot of early birds browsing the streets waiting for restaurant doors to open and serve.

“The chowder of course”, said fan Jesse Hyatt.

“There are lots of families out. It’s a big party”, said Dango’s Irish Sports Bar Owner David Johnson.

Chowder fans could taste as much as they wanted with each cup costing just one dollar a piece.

“Streets are packed, we got here early for parking. We’ll see how it gets! Usually it gets pretty busy”, said Hyatt.

“My favorite thing about Chowderfest is the crowds. There’s such a wide age range and they’re always looking to have a good time at such early in the morning”, said fan PJ Ferguson.

And even if you weren’t into the chowder, there was still a lot to do.

“I’m not really a chowder person, I’m just here for all the excitement”, said fan Don Esar.

The winners of the Saratoga Chowderfest are:

People’s Choice: Gaffneys
People’s Choice under 1,000 bowls: Dock Browns
Most Chowder Served: Druthers
Best On Broadway: Thirsty Owl
Best Off Broadway: West Side Stadium
Best Non Downtown: Dock Browns
Best Newcomer: Carson’s Tavern
Best Dessert Chowder: TC Paris






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