Wilton woman pleads guilty to felony identity theft

Molly Dutrow, 20

SARATOGA, NY (NEWS10) – 21-year-old Molly Dutrow plead guilty to felony identity theft on Thursday in Saratoga County Court.

Last summer, Police accused Dutrow of stealing credit card numbers while working as a server at Lillian’s Restaurant in downtown Saratoga and using the information to buy herself things.

According to one officer, Dutrow made 12 unauthorized transactions costing more than $600 on one person’s card.

Dutrow is scheduled to be sentenced on March 24.

This is not the only time Dutrow was charged with identity theft.

Five months after the Lillian’s case, Dutrow was arrested and charged with second degree identity theft and second-degree criminal impersonation for illegally obtaining a customer’s credit card number while working in a shipping/packaging company in Saratoga.

According to the Saratoga County DA, Lillian’s restaurant paid restitution to the customers that had their money stolen from Dutrow.

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