Saugerties Police warning people of phone scam

SAUGERTIES, NY (NEWS10) – The Saugerties Police Department is warning the public of a telephone scam currently targeting community residences in the area. People have been reporting that they are getting phone calls from a person claiming to be an agent with the US Treasury Department.

The alleged agent advises the person they are talking to that they owe money to the US Treasury Department and attempt to get personal information. In most cases, the alleged agent gives a number for the person to call back if they receive no answer.

Police are Warning, Do Not Return these calls and Do not provide anyone alleging to be with the US Treasury Department any of your personnel information over the phone.

If you do happen to get this type of call, Saugerties Police are demanding to be notified. Please obtain as much information from the caller to provide to police.

The US Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) do not conduct such inquires over the telephone.


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