Troy city council president disagrees with points in State of the City

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Troy Mayor Patrick Madden delivered his first State of the City address on Thursday.

Madden touched on the city’s aging infrastructure and financial woes in his address, but afterwards, the city council president said both situations are more dire than they were made out to be by the mayor.

It was not an easy start to Madden’s time in office. A massive water main break had a ripple effect across three counties, but Thursday night, Madden was optimistic as he stood at the podium.

“The rupture that occurred was not indicative of a failing water system,” he said.

Madden insisted the break was the failure of a single distribution line under a certain water pressure. He called Troy’s water system award winning.

“Actually, there have been fewer breaks to this point this year than there were at this point last year,” he said. “It’s typical all communities in the Northeast go through this.”

Still, Madden said plans are in the works to repair the particular line that burst at a cost of $2.7 million paid for by combination of a loan and a grant. Council President Carmella Mantello said that approach won’t be wide reaching enough.

“It’s not going to happen with $2 million here and $2 million there,” she said. “It’s going to be an infusion by our state and federal government to really make a commitment to infrastructure here in Upstate New York.”

Madden and Mantello also didn’t see eye-to-eye on Troy’s financial status.

“The current budget is a balanced budget,” Madden said. “We need to look closely at that and monitor the projected revenue sources as the year goes on, but we’re not in a deficit situation right now.”

“We have a budget deficit of $2.5 million,” Mantello said.

Mantello said a final audit will be released by the state comptroller’s office next week.

Madden said the city’s finances are his top priority and laid out several ways for the city to bring in revenue such as applying for grants and collecting on $1 million of unpaid parking tickets.

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