Questions still being answered in alleged UAlbany assault

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The only look that we have been able to see so far from inside the CDTA bus has been cell phone video taken by a bystander. However, this does not answer all the questions as to what exactly happened on that bus.

Paul Derohannesian, who is an experienced attorney, said the video and audio from the bus is likely being held for many reasons. First, it’s part of an ongoing investigation and officials don’t want to taint their witnesses. Second, he said that the video is not something the public is permitted to see.

“One of the things that happens in the legal system is there are more recordings now. So what happens is it really takes a lot longer now to go through hours and hours of a recorded event as opposed to a one page statement or report of an event”, said Derohannesian.

CDTA spokesperson Jaime Watson said the bus at the center of this controversy is an “articulated bus” which means it’s a bit bigger than the normal city buses.

Watson said on a typical Friday or Saturday night, this particular route is very busy and very loud.

The articulated bus holds about 100 people and CDTA has estimated 80 people were on the bus when the alleged attack happened. Watson said whatever took place happened in the back of the bus so their driver was 50 to 60 feet from all of it.

If something happens on any bus, at any given time, Watson said their drivers are trained to radio to “central communications” who will then alert police and proper steps are taken from there.

So the question is did the driver who was at the wheel late Friday night into early Saturday morning follow protocol? According to Watson, the answer is yes.

She said he didn’t know anything happened on the bus because nobody on board asked for assistance or communicated a problem to him.

“If our driver had any knowledge of an incident, he would have done what he was trained to do”, proclaimed Watson.

She said the driver has been with CDTA for a few years now. Watson said he is still employed and he is a great driver.







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