Pittsfield restaurant closes after one day without warning

PITTSFIELD, Mass. (NEWS10) – Employees at a popular restaurant in Pittsfield were in for a shock when they showed up for work because the doors were locked and the place was closed.

Thursday morning, employees headed to work at the Old Country Buffet in Pittsfield. But they found ‘Closed’ signs on locked doors.

The restaurant was closed after only one day of being open for business. The signs on the front door explained to employees that there would be a meeting with management to discuss what happens to next.

Customer Stephen Henegan said the employees were helpful and considerate.

“Lose this job, it may be a real problem to find another job,” he said

The buffet has the reputation for serving a variety of foods that would accommodate any combination of appetites. NEWS10 ABC tried to talk to management about why the place closed without telling employees ahead of time.

Their response: “No comment.”

Employees also walked by NEWS10 cameras with no comment. But the people they used to serve are taking the restaurant closing as a much larger scenario.

“It seems like big corporations are in control of everything, and people are just numbers I guess,” Norm said.

“I’m sure they’re filing for unemployment or looking for other places to work,” Thomas Rollinger, of Knights of Columbus, said.

The signs on the door said the restaurant would love to serve customers at other locations.

Click, HERE, to find other restaurants.

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