NY Family drives 8 hours for medical marijuana

When the emergency access bill was passed, they thought they’d be first in line… now, almost 3 months later, they’re still waiting.

Tommy needs a specific type of oil, with certain levels of CBD and THC.

Both dispensaries in Erie County told the Williams they don’t have the specific strain they need.

They said it will take up to four  weeks of growing, then harvesting, processing, and state inspection until it’s ready.

Despite having an ID card to purchase it, the Williams are out of luck.

Wednesday, mom Patti Williams drove four hours to Johnson City to purchase it from a dispensary that does carry it.

“On top of the wait, now the added expense of driving, the gas, getting a room down there, because I’m not going to make the trip all in one day and coming back. And we have to keep doing this month after month until we have access here in Buffalo,” she said.

Not including the price of gas and a hotel, the Williams will have to pay about $750.00 per month for Tommy’s starter dose.

They’re told it could go up from there, as high as $2,000.

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