More red light cameras to go “live” on Friday

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – At midnight on Friday, more red light cameras will be going live in Albany.

The intersections are:

  • The northbound and eastbound approaches at New Scotland Avenue and Manning Boulevard
  • The eastbound and westbound approaches at Central Avenue and Henry Johnson Boulevard
  • The southbound approach at Madison Avenue and South Pearl Street
  • The northbound approach at Madison Avenue and Quail Street

There will be a warning period put into effect for the first 10 days at each of the intersections. On February 16th, motorists who are caught passing through a red light may be subject to a red light camera citation.

These citations will not add points to your driving record but each violation will be treated as a parking ticket and will include a fine of $50 issued to owner of the car rather than the driver.

Under contract with the GATSO USA, a number of features to ensure citations are issued and processed fairly will include:

  • having Albany Police Department make the final determination of whether a citation will be issued;
  • issuing citations only when cars enter an intersection after a light has turned red;
  • making yellow lights at these intersections, which are under the control of the City, last 4 seconds;
  • having contested tickets handled by Albany City Court, as are parking tickets.

For more information about the red light cameras in Albany, please visit


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