First ever Ugandan action film to air at Proctors Thursday night

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A New Yorker headed to Uganda to be a part of rogue filmmaking there. On Thursday Uganda’s first action film, “Who Killed Captain Alex” makes its debut in America.

This is the only showing of this Ugandan action film in the United States on the big screen, and if you get to Proctors early enough you can snag a comfy seat up front.

“It was made in 2010 in this slum called Wakaliga,” said Alan Hofmanis.

Alan Hofmanis is from New York. He saw a trailer on line- and headed to Uganda to be part of the filmmaking, where they don’t have much to work with. They made the movie screening at Proctors for less than $200.

“It’s hugely famous in the ghettos in Uganda. And throughout Africa not so much say the upper classes but it’s loved,” said Alan Hofmanis.

Paul Kazee of Proctors saw it in an international film fest and brought it to America for the first time as part of the “It came from Schenectady” film series.

“Where most theaters have popcorn we have a bar and people come back here to kick their feet up let their hair down and we watch genre films fun movies,” Paul Kazee said.

When the makers heard they were headed to Schenectady, they made a special trailer.

Following the screening, they’re skyping the filmmaker in Uganda, and you get a chance to be an action star.

“We can do a short scene with you here, the chromo scene you are dying or are shot and we will send it to Uganda , and they’ll put it into the next action movie,” said Hofmanis.

‘Who killed Captain Alex’ starts at 7 p.m. Thursday night at Proctors.

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