Vermont tattoo shop gives out free ink to support Bernie Sanders

WINOOSKI, VT (NEWS10) – Following Tuesday’s close Iowa Caucus, the momentum is building for the campaign of Vermont senator Bernie Sanders.

But what would you do to support your candidate? A bumper sticker? How about a tattoo? An image of Bernie sanders is being offered to be put on your body – permanently and for free, at a Vermont tattoo studio.

“We wanted to support him someway and with the caucus coming up there was a rumor that there’s a shop in New Hampshire that’s giving away Donald trump tattoos… and we just couldn’t have that,” said Tyre Duvernay, owner of Aartistic in Winooski, Vermont.

Owner of Aartistic studio, Tyre Duvernay says they started with just offering free cover ups for the Trump tattoos, but then they decided on the free tat.

“We’ve done at least 30. Were getting 5-10 calls a day and there are plenty more on the books,” said Duvernay.

Duvernay says most requests for this image of the 74-year-old sanders are from young people.

“The biggest thing is, is that his pitch hasn’t changed for my entire life,” said 24-year-old Josh Dacres, Burlington.

Bernie Sanders became senator of Vermont in 2006. Prior He was elected Mayor of Burlington back in 1981, which is also ten years before the day Dacres was even born.

“He’s proven himself to be honest and trustworthy and that’s what we are looking for,” said a young woman.

“The motivation behind this is definitely to become President, but improbably could have offered a free Bernie tattoo here in Vermont and we would be just as busy,” said Duvernay.

The owner says studios have reached out from other states including Texas, Arakansas, and Georgia – saying they want to do the same.

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