Young hip-hop artists from Albany middle school headed to the Grammy’s

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Two young kids are on their way to stardom!

They recently won first place in a country wide music contest and they’ll be flying to California next week to meet major music companies at the Grammy’s.

Lee Reh and Rahmene Mcduffie both attend Myers Middle School, but it’s what brought them together that’s inspirational.

“In life, you’re not going to have everything,” said Lee Reh.

young noble gentlemen yng flyer

At 15-years old Lee Reh has one goal in life: to provide an easy living for his family who raised him in a refugee camp in Burma.

“It wasn’t all that good because food was so scarce and education wasn’t that good and the houses and everything wasn’t perfect,” said Reh.

When Reh moved to Albany he found his musical soulmate; 14-year-old Rahmene McDuffie. Together they shared a passion: Music and staying out of trouble.

“My dad, he plays a guitar in Thailand. My mom she used to sing so as long as I can remember, we were always around music,” said Reh.

They beat out hundreds to thousands in the National Music Contest.

“I was so excited! It was overwhelming,” said McDuffie

They knew their future was on the right path.

“Just keep pursuing your dream. Keep working hard because if you don’t work hard, you can’t really get anywhere. If you keep working hard, you can accomplish stuff in life,” said McDuffie.

Rapping through R&B and hip-hop beats, its Lee Reh and Rahmene’s way of teaching the younger generation to fight against the odds.

These two kids are still looking for money to help fund their big trip to California and they’ll be leaving February 11. If you’d like to donate money for their future, click here.

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