Erin Brockovich addresses Hoosick Falls water issues

BENNINGTON, Vt. (NEWS10) – “Hoosick Falls is another sad reminder of a great community and the plight that they’ll be in because they have polluted water”, said Erin Brockovich.

For 22 years now, Erin Brockovich has worn the white hat in fighting water woes.

She made her way to the Village of Hoosick Falls trying to bring hope to the community.

It was a packed house at Bennington College as Brockovich and Counsel from Weitz and Luxenburg answered all types of questions from a nervous crowd.

“I do think people are scared. I do think it’s surreal. I think it’s unnerving”, said Elaine Harwood.

Many people have been trying to make sense of their health problems.

“At 8 years old she was diagnosed with thyroid hyper. It was just even more rare”, said Harwood.

It has taken officials 14 months to come forward about the contamination. This is a common theme that Brockovich said needs to end.

“For fear or greed, somebody conceals something and then years later a community finds out ‘oh my gosh I’ve been drinking poison”, said Harwood.

Instead of naming blame, Brockovich said it’s time to focus on a solution.

“Now they know the truth, they’ve got a shot, they’re going to make different choices”, said Brockovich.

“I don’t want to see Hoosick falls become a ghost town. I really don’t”, said Harwood.

Brockovich said that shouldn’t happen as long as people stay on top of their local officials and stay united.

“They’ll probably have diminished property values, we’ve already heard banks aren’t loaning money. They have the same water problem. Do not get divided”, said Brockovich.

The firm said they might be able to help people test their private wells if the state does not comply.



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