Sa’fyre’s Angels pay it forward to local fire victims

ROTTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The group helping sort through the mail gifted to a Schenectady arson survivor has given back to other, local fire victims.

Two devastating fires recently took place in the Capital Region – one in East Glenville and the other in McKownville. The fires destroyed homes and the families’ belongings.

Between the two fires, eight children were affected. Sa’fyre’s Angels heard about the devastation and reached out to the fire departments to offer help.

“Both of the firehouses were amazing,” Mary Malone, of Sa’fyre’s Angels, said.

Sa’fyre Terry has become a household name around the world. The young girl from Schenectady was the sole survivor of a 2013 arson that took the lives of her father and three siblings.

She requested cards to fill a card tree this past Christmas, and to date, she has received two million, cards, letters and gifts from around the world.

Sa’fyre’s Angels is comprised of family members and volunteers who have been sorting through all of her mail. Now her wish is helping other kids find hope and strength.

“It’s just a wealth of continuing the pay it forward theory,” Mary said. “Boxes were put together, candy bags were organized.”

“We gathered up some items of ours, and we donated it to the kids so we could help them out,” Adam Denmark, of Sa’fyre’s Angels, said.

Mark Malone from the McKownville Fire Department said it’s been overwhelming.

“Well, it makes me feel good,” he said. “Everyone in the fire department and everyone in the community would agree.”

The donations helped deliver help and hope to the families with the respective fire departments also lending a hand.

“It doesn’t take very much to get the troops rallied with a cry of help,” Mark said. “We’re all kind of waiting anxiously to hear the outcome. We have two adults and two children still in the burn unit, and we’re praying for their recovery. It’s wonderful and tremendously joyous to see the outpouring of support that we have seen.”

Monetary donations to help the East Glenville fire victims can be given, HERE.

Clothing and gift cards for the McKownville fire victims will be accepted at the firehouse. Monetary donations can also be given.

The fire department said they’ve had an overwhelming response from the community, and they no longer need children’s clothing. Other donations will be accepted at the fire department until Monday, February 1.

Aiden Morissey, age 6 (boy)
7S pants
8-10 shirt
13 shoes & boots
8 Coat

Tyler Morrissey, age 5 (boy)
5T pants
5T shirt
11 shoes & boots
5-6 coat

Dan Morrissey, age 40 (male) – Father of Aiden and Tyler
32 x 34 pants, boxers
12 shoes&boots
(no info on coat size)

Michael Fosmire, age 6 (boy) – Amanda Sawyer’s son, Chrissy Sawyer’s grandson
7T pants
8-10 shirt
11 or 12 shoe/boot
8-10 coat

Giovanni Felix, age 3 (boy) – Amanda Sawyer’s son, Chrissy Sawyer’s grandson
5T pants
5T shirt
10 shoe size
6-8 coat

Amanda Sawyer age (mid-20’s – female) – mother of Michael and Giovanni
9-11 or 10 reg.
10 1/2 shoes/boot
Coat (L)
Christine “Chrissy” Sawyer, age 51(female) – Mother of Amanda Sawyer, grandmother of Michael and Giovanni
1X top, 2X coat
10 1/2 shoes, boots, socks

Monetary Donations:
Morrissey / Sawyer Fund
c/o Key Bank
1196 Western Avenue
Albany, N.Y. 12203

Donations drop off:

McKownville Fire Department
1250 Western Avenue
Albany N.Y. 12203

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