NEWS10’s Kaitlin Wright

Meteorologist Kaitlin Wright was born in Royal Oak, Michigan before moving to Charlotte, North Carolina when she was four years old. She comes from a very close and involved family, where her parents are her biggest fans and her two older sisters are her best friends.

She played NCAA Lacrosse at Converse College before transferring to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. In the process of transferring, she was studying chemistry and philosophy to keep her options open for Med or Law school. Her first semester at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is when her love and passion for weather flourished.

“I had a professor my first semester at UNC Charlotte and he would forecast and broadcast the weather every day at the beginning of class. He was so passionate and energetic about the science that it compelled me to learn more about the major. Thanks Terry!”

During her College career she enrolled in a Physical Meteorology course and was awarded first place in a class project on Atmospheric Optics which she continues to study and observe today.

Kaitlin had an amazing opportunity as an intern with the Meteorologists at WCBD in Charleston, South Carolina during her College career where she learned a great deal about Tropical Meteorology. She also completed her ‘Weather Reel’ at WCNC in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Both stations have provided her with the great amount of knowledge and direction that she carries into her new position at WTEN.

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