National Data Privacy Day promoting data protection

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – This Thursday is National Data Privacy day, a day dedicated to promoting and raising awareness of privacy and data protection.

The digital age provides us with some very convenient and life-enhancing opportunities but it also comes with the occasional challenge.

So today we will provide some ways to prevent you from running into those.

Some you may have heard before that are worth reminding and some that may be new.

The first and perhaps most obvious but often ignored is using your privacy settings.

That includes setting a username and password even at home on a stationary computer, but also on your Ipad or tablet. A simple 4 digit code could lock out any unwanted users.

When you are creating your passwords the more bizarre the better just make sure you can remember it.

Use upper and lower case letters combined and throw a few numbers and symbols in there.

You should also be changing your password every couple of months.

Now, ask yourself do you have a firewall or any type of filter set up on your computer? Those will block pop ups and other content that could infect your computer.

This is another important one, be careful what you share bad guys can use your posts on social media to get clues that can help them guess your passwords or answers to security questions.

So think before you post about where you live, posts about family or pets, in terms of names and things like that.

Lastly protect yourself in the cloud. It is rare but digital file stores can be compromised by outsiders.

If you are uploading personal information or pictures, make sure to encrypt them.

Essentially all that means is setting a password to keep it from being viewed or used by anyone who should not have access to it.

More tips will posted throughout the morning also on Facebook and Twitter.

For more information CLICK HERE.



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