Schenectady PD investigate hammer attack

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Police are investigating after a man went on a violent rampage that included assaulting another man with a claw hammer.

Around 4:45 p.m. Tuesday, police said two individuals got into an argument while inside the second floor apartment of 15 Grove St. in Schenectady. The suspect then picked up a hammer and struck the victim repeatedly in the head with the tool.

According to police, the suspect fled the scene and proceeded to the Mohawk Ambulance Services building at 793 State St. where the suspect used the hammer to force entry and destroy property inside.

“I don’t think this was directed at us,” Mohawk Ambulance manager Daniel Gilmore said. “I think the individual was just very troubled.”

Gilmore said a random man arrived at the front door of the Mohawk Ambulance hub and started banging on the front door. After an employee didn’t open the door, he allegedly smashed through the glass with a hammer.

“I don’t think he came here purposely with an issue to settle with us,” Gilmore said. “I think he had some issues going on, and for all I know, he could have come here seeking help and was upset that he wasn’t getting the help that he needed.”

When officers arrived on scene, the suspect threw the hammer at the patrol car. As officers exited the vehicle, the suspect produced a large knife and menaced the officers, according to police.

The suspect eventually dropped the knife and was taken into custody after a short struggle. The suspect is being interviewed by detectives.

“It’s a little nerve wracking,” Gilmore said. “The good thing is that we obviously had the police on the phone, and they were here within minutes.”

Police said the suspect and victim are friends, and the cause of the argument is unknown at this time.

The identity of the victim is not being released. He was taken to Ellis Hospital with serious injuries.

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