Glens Falls crew helps clean up after East Coast blizzard

MARYLAND (NEWS10) – Crews from Glens Falls traveled to the mid-Atlantic to help with cleanup after a blizzard hit the area over the weekend.

The East Coast snow storm started around Friday. The same day, 35 people from North Country Snow and Ice Management were called to help.

(North Country Snow and Ice Management)
(North Country Snow and Ice Management)

The company’s chief executive officer, Michael Merrill, is currently in Maryland. He said the storm has taken an emotional and physical toll on not only the people who live there but also his crew. They have spent countless hours and days shoveling hundreds of sites.

A state like Maryland usually only sees a few inches of snow, but when a blizzard dropped two to three feet of snow, panic and fear took over.

“You come down here, and it’s a dump truck with a plow barely wide enough to cover its wheel base,” Merrill said.

Merrill said he’s worked in areas such as Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia that don’t have the proper equipment to keep up with a big storm.

(North Country Snow and Ice Management)
(North Country Snow and Ice Management)

“They just don’t have the gear and the practice, so it takes way more vehicles and that means way more people,” he said.

The storm dropped one to three inches of snow per minute, and it even took a toll on the crew from New York.

“We’ve already lost two transmissions,” Merrill said. “We wrecked a rotor tire off the rim – truck tires; trailer tires.”

Even with 35 men, it still wasn’t enough.

“There are roads still that aren’t plowed,” Merrill said. “Those people are stuck in their driveways.”

(North Country Snow and Ice Management)
(North Country Snow and Ice Management)

There is no word on when the men will return back to New York. They still have about 100 sites on their list with no certainty if they’ll be able to visit them all.

Currently, they’re pushing the snow into a giant pile to the side and clearing roads. However, it will all freeze again once the cold returns.

Overall, the men are doing the best they can even though the cold temperatures aren’t helping with the process.

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