Albany mayor delivers 2016 State of the City address

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – After protestors left Albany City Hall, Mayor Kathy Sheehan moved forward with her State of the City address.

Sheehan touched on visiting with President Barack Obama and other mayors throughout the country last week to talk about infrastructure and issues in the community.

She also said the police department would undergo more training in order to build trust and legitimacy with the people they serve.

“I will hold myself and our command staff accountable for learning from hindsight and for making sure we are providing our officers with the tools and skills that they need to police fairly in our city, to build trust, and to finally shake the legacy of racism that we have earned and that was reprehensible,” she said.

Sheehan also talked about a new program that will allow low-level criminals get the help they need whether it be for drug addiction or mental illness.

She also said the fire department will add 15 new firefighters.

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