Local crews from the Capital Region lending a hand in major snowstorm

COLONIE, NY (NEWS10) – Despite not getting any snow here at home in the Capital Region, the storm is still impacting people from our area.

“This is in the middle of an intersection”, said Michael Merrill.

Michael Merrill, the CEO of North Country Snow and Ice Management, was only a few hours away in the thick of things but is based right here in the Capital District.

“We’re kind of like the National Guard of snow. We haul our own people and equipment in and do whatever is necessary and haul back out”, said Merrill.

Everything from shovels to front loaders, Merrill and a few dozen of his employees are currently in Virginia. They will go from there to D.C. and they’ll be spending the next few weeks helping out people who need it.

“The trucks you see plowing the roads aren’t anything like we’re used to at home. It’ll take 8 trucks to make one pass at the highway”, said Merrill.

“We’re all one big state. It’s all the taxpayers money whether it’s in Albany, the city or long island”, said DOT’s Bryan Viggiani.

DOT plows from our region have been deployed south to help out as well. DOT spokesperson Bryan Viggiani said it’s what they’re trained to do and they are more than happy to help.

“The governor knows how valuable the taxpayers resources are and if we can deploy equipment from one part of the state to help our another part of the state where they’re dealing with an extreme storm, such as the snowstorm that they’re seeing downstate then we’re more than happy to do so”, said Viggiani.

So OUR roads will steer clear of this storm.

“We love that, actually. So we’re very happy that all our folks at home are having a coffee and driving around with a smile on their face”, said Merrill.

“Obviously it’s been a very light and unusual weather here in the Capital Region and especially as compared to last year, but our drivers and the men and women that drive the snowplows and try to keep the roads safe clear for the public that’s’ what they do”, said Viggiani.

The DOT is not sure if they’ll have to send any additional resources downstate, but said as snow continues to come down, they will make those decisions as necessary.




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