Governor Cuomo announces downstate travel ban to end 7 a.m. Sunday

NEW YORK (NEWS10) – Governor Andrew Cuomo held a storm briefing Saturday night to discuss the winter storm and the reopening of roadways and public transportation in the downstate region.

The current travel ban for all state and local roads in New York City, the Long Island Expressway and Northern State Parkway, and the Port Authority’s trans-Hudson crossings will be lifted at 7:00 a.m. Sunday.

This ban does remain in effect until that time and only authorized emergency vehicles, hazard vehicles, and critical healthcare personnel will be permitted.

Also, the MTA expects to resume limited bus services in New York City tomorrow at 7 a.m.

“The travel ban issued earlier today allowed emergency teams to make significant progress in clearing the roads. “As crews continue to respond to the storm and the severity of weather conditions decrease, we are lifting the travel ban so New Yorkers can resume their daily routines. Public safety is of paramount importance and we encourage New Yorkers to continue exercising caution while traveling”, said Cuomo.


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