Students at Brown School in Schenectady learn about giving back to community

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Some students in Schenectady are learning the importance of serving those in need. Brown School has created a “community outreach crew.”

Students at Brown School in Schenectady have been learning to serve the community. One of their projects is the ‘little free library.’

“There’s multiple around Schenectady and other regions and basically you can take a book and leave a book. The Brown School has advisories so each advisory has a month to be in charge to make sure there are books and it’s clean,” said Isabel Van Der Veen, 7th grade.

Isabel Van Der Veen is a 7th grader, who along with working with the community outreach crew on the ‘little free library,’ gathered Thursday to make mats for shelter cats. She’s also worked with horses in need, and made chocolates for the city mission, which classmates Nicholas and Giovanni Lomonoco.

“It made me feel grateful for what I have now with my family and that it’s just really good to give back to the community,” said Gianni.

Science teacher Betsy Farrell messenger co-created the outreach crew.

“I’m seeing team building; I’m seeing a sense of empathy and then compassion, and a real drive to want to do something for the community,” said Farrell Messenger.

“It is really rewarding when you do come out and know that you are doing something to not benefit yourself but to benefit others,” said Will Klotz, 8th grader.

“I kinda think if I wasn’t involved I wouldn’t understand the concept or at least how much I have compared to other people or how nice it is or how good it feels to give back to the community,” said Addy Klotz

“It made me feel really good about myself but also made me realize there are more things and people in need than I am,” said Ethan Hunt, 7th grader.

Of course there are future projects in the works. On Monday they’re visiting a nearby assisted living facility.

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