Schumer vows to block bill that could expose veteran health records

WASHINGTON (NEWS10) – Sen. Charles Schumer said legislation passed in the House would expose health records of asbestos-poisoned military veterans and others suffering from it.

The democrat said the “Furthering Asbestos Claim Transparency Act” would require veterans who are sick and possibly dying from asbestos poisoning to disclose their personal information online. This would include work histories, health records and parts of their social security number to get compensation from companies that knowingly used the material.

“So here we’re gonna have a veteran who served our country, got this horrible disease, is suing the federal government so they can get the medical care and the help they need,” he said. “And they’re gonna be forced to put this information online and people are gonna steal it and be subject to identity theft.”

Schumer called the act an “offensive invasion of the privacy” and promised to try to block the bill in the senate.

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