NYSP help Schenectady arson survivor open letters, gifts

ROTTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Members of the New York State Police were in Rotterdam to help a young arson survivor open some gifts.

When you receive two million cards, letters and packages for Christmas, you need a little help opening it all. That’s the reality for Sa’fyre Terry, and on Thursday, New York State Police joined the fun.

Sa’fyre was the only survivor of a 2013 arson on Hulett Street in Schenectady. In December 2015, she asked for Christmas cards to fill a card tree.

And the world responded.

Twenty-two state troopers dropped by a warehouse in Rotterdam to help open some cards, letters and gifts. They said it was a labor of love helping out such a special little girl.

“We need to get the mail all together, get through all this mail that came in, and this way Sa’fyre knows that we care, and we’re doing everything we can to help her,” John Agresta with the NYSP said.

The U.S. Marines are coming to help over the weekend.

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