Lake George Winter Carnival to continue even without ice

LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Organizers of the Lake George Winter Carnival are making changes to the popular event after an unusual winter has left the Capital Region without any snow or ice.

“The only ice we have right now is in our refrigerators and freezers and maybe at Stewart’s,” Lake George Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Michael Consuelo said.

The Lake George Winter Carnvial is the lake’s biggest event in its slow season. In years past, visitors swarm the frozen lake for dog sled rides, snow mobiling and outhouse races.

But current weather conditions aren’t promising for any kind of action on top of the ice because there’s not enough time for the water to become solid enough.

“I would say a good two feet thick, two or three feet thick before any type of large vehicle,” Consuelo said.

The carnival will continue, however. All activities normally on the ice will be moved to the shore. But it’s still bad news for local businesses. The ice tends to attract more visitors.

“You know, we’re probably not going to be as busy as we would be, but still, it’s better than not having anything going on at all,” Linda Duffy said.

Family owned Duffy’s Tavern said Winter Carnival gives their business a winter boost. Duffy is also the co-chair of the event. She said they prefer to have the ice, but organizers have learned how to adjust from history.

Between the years of 1995 and 2015, the lake didn’t completely freeze for a total of eight years. Duffy said the village is prepared to host with or without any ice.

“It is what it is,” she said. “Mother Nature is Mother Nature, and we’ve learned that we’ve got to deal with what she serves us.”

Events for the Winter Carnival will take place every weekend in February. The hope is that the lake will freeze enough toward the end of the month, though it is unlikely it will be thick enough to drive on it.

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