Crews in Troy discover second leak in broken water main

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Crews repairing the Troy water main break discovered a second leak in the system.

Workers remain on scene of the Troy water main break, but progress has slowed. Workers are waiting on another patch to be made because they want to ensure the leak is fixed before the water is turned back on.

However, people who live nearby are worried about the potential of a major break happening again.

Elizabeth Pagan lives in Lansingburgh. She said she was without water when the water main broke.

“We didn’t have water,” she said. “We couldn’t cook for our kids. We had to do something quick.”

Pagan said she knows the city is working hard on repairs, but she’s worried about the chance another break could occur.

City officials did not want to go on camera Thursday, but when NEWS10 ABC told them about Pagan’s concerns, they said the department of public works is constantly monitoring the system.

It was that diligence that found the second leak. Crews dug away additional dirt from the site of the leak so they could see the pipe on either side of the original break.

Pagan said she wants the city to do more.

“I think that they should take their time and check the rest of the piping because what’s to say it’s not going to happen again?” she wondered.

Even though city officials have said checking the already fragile pipes could cause more damage, Pagan thinks is worth the risk.

“I would say just take your chances,” she said. “Take your chances because something you can avoid now rather than later – something worse.”

City officials said their main priority is to continue fixing the main pipe and getting water flow back to the surrounding areas. There is currently still no water flowing through the pipe since crews are still waiting on the second patch.

Mayor Madden issues update on water main break repair operations:

Mayor Patrick Madden has announced that repair work is nearing completion on the broken water main that suffered a catastrophic failure on Sunday, January 17 in the Lansingburgh neighborhood in the city of Troy.

Department of Public Utilities and Troy Boiler Works crews continue to operate on a 24-hour schedule at the site of the water main break until repair work is finished. The installation of the specially-fabricated metal patch to seal the break in the water main has been completed as of Thursday morning. Welding of the upper portion of the patch commenced on Wednesday evening and continued through Wednesday night into Thursday.

Following further assessment of the affected water main, crews discovered a small amount of water seeping from beyond the patched area of the main. A decision was made to expand the patch to incorporate the seepage. This work is already underway. Troy Department of Public Utilities is working to address all visible inefficiencies on the outside surface of the water main and remain in full contact with the New York State Department of Health to ensure that operations meet all state requirements. The city remains in direct communication with both Halfmoon and Waterford and continues to provide updates on the repair progress.

Upon completion of the welding and repair work, city officials anticipate commencing operations to refill the water main. This process is estimated to take approximately 48-hours before service restoration efforts to the affected communities can proceed.

Troy residents are reminded that a citywide water restriction remains in effect. City officials are urging residents to continue conserving water at this time and limit usage to essential needs only. A boil-water advisory has not been issued for the City of Troy.

Additional information and updates will be available on the City of Troy’s official Twitter page. It can be found at

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