Troy officials plan to fix major water main break but not on national holiday

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A state of emergency is still in effect in Troy after the line that supplies water to most of the city burst around 7 a.m. Sunday morning.

On Sunday morning, a 100-year-old pipe burst, and water spilled into the streets of Lansingburgh. It went rushing down 124th Street and pooled in front of the Price Chopper Plaza on 2nd Avenue.

The flooding was up to two feet deep in some places and affected about a dozen homes and businesses. Homeowner Eugene Stephenson was sitting on his front porch and looked out in disbelief at the water.

“The water is following the water line right into the house, and it’s kind of like spraying four or five feet into the house right now,” he said.

troy 3

But now, a gaping hole is all that remains. The break was isolated and water has been restored. By Monday afternoon, homeowners said life was back to normal.

“It was a lake,” homeowner Lesley Lopez said.

Lopez filled pots of water in anticipation of a shortage, but her faucet worked fine.

Troy Mayor Patrick Madden said there was no widespread damage, and the break could have been a lot worse.

“And I think we’ll find that the damage is far less than what we feared it was going to be when we showed up on site yesterday morning,” he said.

troy 2

The break was isolated and water was restored. The 33 inch wide pipe looks okay from the outside, but the breach occurred on the underside of the pipe.


Madden said the city plans to patch the pipe with steel plates, but the cost of repairs is still unknown.

“And the patch is good. I mean, if you weld a plate on there, it’s going to be stronger than the rest of the pipe,” he said. “It’s early because we haven’t assessed the level of damage, but it could have been far worse.”

However, Madden said he knows the problem is greater than just the one pipe.

“We’re like any old, northeastern city,” he said. “We have old infrastructure and pipes break. They pop off here and there, and you deal with it.”

troy 4

But it’s an issue that some homeowners are ready to see dealt with once and for all.

“Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve lived in this area pretty much my whole life, and it’s always flooded,” Stephenson said.

Crews didn’t work on Monday because of the national holiday. They will be on scene Tuesday to assess the damage.

In the meantime, a boil water advisory is not in effect, but the city said the water may have low pressure of be discolored.


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