Ghent family runs into legal issues for new home after blaze

VALATIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Just recently, someone donated a new mobile home to the Lippman family after they lost everything in a fire in December 2015.  Now they’re facing legal issues surrounding the home.

The Lippman family’s mobile home was completely destroyed from an accidental fire last month.

“It was devastating,” said Dawn Steward, Our Community Cares, Inc. President.

Not only did the family lose their home, but they lost all their Christmas gifts as well. Saddened by the tragic news, the community showed an outpour of support by donating wrapped gifts.

One person went above and beyond and donated a mobile home, since it was facing foreclosure. Because of that, they need to get it moved immediately and just recently a company offered to help.

“They have four people living in one room. Two little boys who are a little bit confused about being able to have a home again. Ray has been working really hard to prepare the property and get it ready for the new mobile home,” said Dawn Steward.

Excited to start a new life, the family is facing another road block: property issues surrounding the home.

“We were told that there are some legal ramifications regarding the transfer of property of the home to the Lippman family, so at this point we need to wait for the county offices to open tomorrow and or hear from the attorney representing the family,” Steward said.

The organization, ‘Our Community Cares’ has been by the family’s side from the beginning.

“My hope is that with all the work that the community has done to support them, that this does not happen and I hope it doesn’t but it’s really difficult to say,” said Steward.

As of Monday, the family has two days to clear the legal issues. If they don’t, the home will become the bank’s property.

If everything goes according to plan, the family will move their new mobile home back in the same spot of what was once their old home.

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