Price Chopper joins EPA food recovery program

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Price Chopper Supermarkets have joined the Environmental Protection Agency’s food recovery program.

The grocery chain said it’s committed to feeding people not landfills.

The program promotes reducing food waste, increasing the donation of unsaleable but still edible food, and turning excess food into compost. Therefore, the hungry will be fed and there will be less waste going into the environment.

Price Chopper will receive assistance from the EPA in the effort by using the agency’s waste tracking software to develop new benchmarks.

“When you look at what’s going to landfills these days about 21 percent is food waste,” EPA Regional Administrator Judy Enck said.

Price Chopper’s new goals are due by February 10. The EPA said in 2014, 800 food recovery challenge participants prevented over 600,000 tons of wasted food from entering landfills.


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