Bed-ridden student with brain cancer receives high school diploma

Courtesy: WBAY

WISCONSIN (NEWS10) – A student with an incurable form of brain cancer received his high school diploma this week.

Family and friends came together at a Wisconsin hospice for a special ceremony honoring Kirk Robb. The 17-year-old was diagnosed with brain cancer last summer and has since undergone 12 brain surgeries.

The family recently learned that the cancer has spread throughout Kirk’s body.

The teen and his parents were grateful for the honor.

“It’s important because I want to know that I did something in high school,” said Robb, high school graduate.

“I think it’s great that they came out and supported Kirk and us like that. I didn’t expect this many people, but it was kind of nice that they came out to see Kirk, and it was just great that they came,” his mother said.

School administrators, teachers and the hospice worked together to fulfill the teen’s wish of graduating. His mom said Kirk didn’t know about the ceremony until the day of the event.

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