Assembly member disrupts Governor Cuomos SOTS, escorted out

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The State of the State ceremony got off to a much unexpected start yesterday as the Governor had to deal with a heckler, but it wasn’t just any heckler.

“That’s wrong, you are wrong … okay, okay,” said the heckler, who is also an Assemblyman.

That’s Brooklyn Assemblyman Charles Barron shouting at Governor Cuomo just a few minutes into the annual State of State and Budget Address.

Barron says the whole thing was planned.

“This is a fraud. It’s phony. I sat through it last year.  I’m not sitting through it now,” said Assemblyman Charles Barron “The devil is in the details – you will see no money matching that revenue,” he continued.

Fellow Assembly members who saw the outburst say it wasn’t the time or place.

Once Barron was hustled out of the room the focus shifted back to the task on hand.

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