Witness speaks about her horrifying account during Watervliet standoff

WATERVLIET, NY (NEWS10) – “I just tried to think of how am I going to get out of this without getting shot”, said Anna Rozell.

Friday night, Anna Rozell knew she had to stay calm after being brought into an apartment on Fourth Avenue in Watervliet.

Rozell said she received a call from Michael Fox asking her to drive him home after he had been drinking during the night.

However, when she went to pick Fox up, she said he locked her in and she then found herself in a terrifying situation.

“It smelled weird, it was a real funny smell. I’ve never smelled a gun go off before, but I could just smell the powder. Then as I looked to my right I seen legs just lying there on the kitchen floor and then that’s when he shut the door and I turned around and he had his shotgun there”, said Rozell.

Rozell said she was locked inside the second floor apartment with Fox and a victim who had been shot.

Police said 28-year-old Brandon T. Sherwin, son of former NFL player Tim Sherwin, who played for the New York Giants and Indianapolis Colts, was allegedly murdered by Fox.

Being scared for her life, Rozell said she tried to run away and got into a struggle with Fox inside the apartment.

“Then I just booked out the door and then that’s when he made his first shot. As I opened the door the other bullet just gazed past my head and hit the wood and all the wood chips went flying, the smoke went everywhere and at first I thought I was hit and then I was like okay. I just booked”, said Rozell.

After her escape, Rozell said she called 911 to let them know what happened.

“Upon arrival, units made contact with a female witness who had indicated that the incident had occurred in a 2 family residence”, said Watervliet Police Chief Mark Spain.

Now Rozell is left with horrifying images etched in her memory and one big question to ask.

“Like I don’t understand why? Like what was the reason?”, said Rozell.

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