Tech Trends: Best of tech gadgets 2015

(KRON) – 2015 has been a huge year in the consumer technology sector, we saw virtual reality, wearables, new phones, tablets and gadgets.

In 2015 Apple unveiled their first wearable…


Apple Watch

A lot of apple fans had been waiting years for this….

It was’t a flop. Apple sold a lot of units, but it didn’t quite have that luster that most new apple gadgets receive, and it didn’t have that “I must have it” type feeling.

Apple also released a “pink looking iPhone 6s” a lot of analysts said “no one wants a pink phone” but it wasn’t pink. It was rose gold. And a lot of people wanted one. It was sold out for over a month after the release.

And apple finally updated the Apple TV. t’s been a streaming box favorite for many users but the remote control was just terrible… the new apple tv has a whole new look and new touch pad remote control with Siri voice search built in. Much easier to use.

One last apple product stood out this year. They released their giant iPad pro. This really stood out; holding the device it makes quite an impression, it’s huge, yet surprisingly lightweight.

Great for watching videos or playing games. It’s like the ultimate iPad.

Google Chromecast

Google introduced a new type of gadget the Chromecast Audio..

It plugs into any speaker or receiver in your house that has a regular headphone jack or auxiliary input, and then let’s you stream music from your phone to that speaker wirelessly….

It’s a like a bridge from your phone to speakers, a quick way to listen to music. No wires, no fuss, no muss.

And it’s cheap. Costs just $35.

Oculus Rift

In 2015 we finally got a look at the most hyped about virtual reality headset the Oculus Rift.

It’s coming out in early 2016 and it’s amazing.

I tried it and it was mind blowing. It’s like being inside a movie or video game. Completely immersive.

It is going to change the way we watch tv shows, movies, and play video games in our home forever.

And Microsoft showed off their augmented reality glasses coming out next year called hollow lens.

It blends the real world with a virtual one… so it make your living room an arena where you can fight monsters.

It also has a lot of applications could help people with graphic design type jobs.

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