Employee is fired for Christmas Eve robbery

HOOSICK FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A former Cumberland farms clerk endured a terrifying Christmas Eve when he says two masked robbers held a machete to his throat and made off with money from the register.

Now 24-year-old Michael Ogert is without a job and some are calling into question why he was fired. He says he was fired Wednesday, because he had too much money in the register when the robbery took place. A Cumberland Farms spokesman responded  saying  “the policies and procedures we have in place for circumstances like this are based on best practices we have developed over our 70-year history, and are designed to provide the utmost safety for our employees and customers.”

Police are still trying to identify the two men involved. One of them was wearing a Halloween mask and the other had a pillow case over his head.  Ogert says he is lucky just to be alive.

“The machete was really close to my neck so it was definitely intense. Everybody says I did the right thing, I know I did the right thing because it seems like if I didn’t they probably would have swung at me,” says Ogert.

Ogert is now looking for a new job.

The suspects are described as skinny and wearing dark clothes. One was 5’10, the other 5’8.

Hoosick Falls police say they expect to release surveillance video of the robbery early next week.

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